Core Capital Management Group

CCMG Practices


The business of accounts receivable management is dynamic and rigorously demanding. To achieve its Vision of being the most effective debt collection service provider in the United States, CCMG’s constantly innovating methodologies, improving processes and upgrading technology.

All services are predicated on a commitment to maximizing the yield (“Netback”) on each client portfolio. We achieve optimal results by having dedicated collection client services and customer service staff, consistently motivated and constantly advancing their skills with CCMG training and development programs. Our objective is to continuously improve our efficiency, accuracy, and quality of customer care.

Best practices information management, legal strategies and expense control ensure our clients maximize their ROI on all risk management disciplines. Our staff is highly incentivized to perform while concurrently maintaining the highest level of ethical conduct, representing CCMG corporate values. Most importantly, we have a company culture that makes CCMG the easiest company in the industry to do business with.


CCMG understands the importance of compelling seriously delinquent customers to pay their debts in full before their accounts are written off. CCMG’s third-party collection services are focused on finding delinquent customers and instilling a sense of urgency to persuade them to pay their debts.  Consequently, we are able to reduce net write-offs and minimize the cost of collections after charge-off.

CCMG uses the best available strategies and tools to conduct successful collections campaigns. Our experienced, dedicated collection teams are highly trained and skilled in motivating slow and non-paying customers while maintaining strict compliance with FDCPA guidelines. Aided by leading-edge technologies, such as automated skip tracing and credit scoring, they are persistent in their calling efforts, which are augmented by third-party notices and unattended dialing campaigns.

Based on statistical research, CCMG differentiates collections campaigns by aging cycle, score and amount to be collected so that it can optimize each collections program to achieve the highest possible netback. This strategy ensures that CCMG contacts and collects from the highest percentage of customers, translating to the greatest return and highest value for our clients.