Technology Management

Technology Management


Core Capital Management Group utilizes leading-edge technology and data management processes to validate and improve account information, determine which accounts are most likely to offer the highest return and automatically connect collectors with the most promising accounts. Multi-attribute account scrubbing ensures that data are accurate and actionable. We employ sophisticated data mining techniques, using internal and external databases, to create a unique profile for each customer, including:

  • Demographics
  • Scoring – ability/willingness to pay categories
  • Relationship between scoring and payment amounts
  • Dashboard metrics (real-time portfolio metrics by client)
  • Right party contacts

CCMG acquires substantial data about each client’s portfolios that are potentially valuable to that credit grantor. We routinely provide information back to credit grantors that helps them improve their acquisition strategies and credit and risk policies.



CCMG uses a leading-edge integrated enterprise collections solution from Latitude Software. The Latitude platform offers multiple modules designed specifically to meet the full spectrum of collection agency requirements. The system’s collection functions offer management greater flexibility and control – properly managing accounts, identifying trends before they become problems and ensuring that all accounts are worked comprehensively. This platform also provides CCMG with database management, advanced metrics, tracking analysis and cost control.

The flexibility of the Latitude system allows CCMG to prioritize and create an efficient business workflow. It maximizes the volume of collectible accounts that can be delivered automatically to account representatives, allowing them first to work accounts with the best probability of obtaining payments. Information flows through the system based on specified business rules and is displayed in a customizable graphical user interface, which minimizes account representatives’ training time.

Latitude also has management tools to generate reports and search for information easily. The system is integrated with a contact management system and state-of-the-art interactive voice response system, which together provide the power to automate and monitor telephony activity.

Dialing Technology


  • DC Dial an on-demand voice portal company, offers CCMG inbound, outbound, call routing, and IVR solutions.
  • CCMG leverages DC Dial unlimited line capacity to penetrate files efficiently and effectively.
  • DC Dial helps collect more efficiently, reducing cost, and enhancing success. This system allows CCMG to focus on call rotation, right party contacts, and file penetration.
  • DC Dial increases CCMG contact rates by 15-20% by connecting calls usually blocked by privacy managers.
  • DC Dial offers secure, enterprise-wide, web based controls that allow CCMG to manage campaign activity levels across multiple sites.
  • DC Dial gives CCMG real-time daily, weekly, and month to date customized reporting.

Skip Tracing Technology

Accurint® for Collections

The principal challenge in collections is locating the account holder. The Accurint research tool helps CCMG locate more consumers, increase the dollars collected, shorten the collection cycle, improve the return on each locate dollar spent, and enhance operational efficiency.

Experian MetroNet®

MetroNet® is a consumer and commercial locating tool that allows multiple search options to identify and locate the most difficult consumers with the most current information.The MetroNet skip locating tool:

  • Increases our ability to locate debtors and individuals who have moved or are hard to find
  • Improves debt collection and recovery efforts
  • Increases worker productivity

Provides a cost-effective alternative to directory assistance